Is It Possible That PCOS Women Could Get Benefit From Exercises?

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Is It Possible That PCOS Women Could Get Benefit From Exercises?

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    PCOS is the common condition to hear among the women which can occur after puberty in females. Due to PCOS, females could have disturbed menstrual cycle and even overweight, so it can be a concern for many females that can they manage their PCOS condition and its system with exercise?

    If yes then what type of exercise they should opt to manage the symptoms of PCOS?

    Exercise is generally done to improve the immunity and strength of the body but overall exercise can give you various benefits like

    1. Improved insulin sensitivity
    2. Improved ovulation
    3. Cholesterol improvement
    4. Better body composition

    So exercise can give you various benefits and even can control your weight increase but May or may not help to reduce the weight that has been increased due to PCOS.

    So the PCOS women can be curious to know what can they have relief from the symptoms of PCOS with a specific set of exercises. Studies have revealed that there are specific exercises that can help the PCOS women. Even some studies have claimed that there is no need of doing a specific exercise for a specific time to manage PCOS, as all kind of exercise help to manage glucose and insulin. Exercises cause the reduction of insulin by controlling the level of glucose in the blood as a result of which person has improved the sensitivity to insulin.

    So studies have claimed that these exercises can also help to manage the level of testosterone hormone which is the actual culprit for PCOS.

    What type of exercise to do for PCOS?

    What Type Of Exercise To Do For PCOS?

    For the better results, we should combine the cardio and weight exercises as both kinds of exercises have different benefits for the body and so for PCOS. Cardio training exercises lead to the more loss of calories in a single session as compare to the weight training, so women can lose more weight with cardio and even these exercises lower down the risk of the cardiovascular condition in the PCOS women.

    On the other hand, weight training can lose more calories when your muscles remain in the resting state and even these exercises keep the metabolic state elevated so have various benefits for the PCOS women.

    What should be the extent of exercise for PCOS?

    What Should Be The Extent Of Exercise For PCOS?

    Studies have revealed that for better results, PCOS women should do the combination of cardio and weight exercises for 150 minutes per week. Even the women can combine the 90 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercises per week to get relief from the symptoms of PCOS.

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