How To Activate The Happy Hormones?

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How To Activate The Happy Hormones?

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    How To Activate The Happy Hormones?
    We all need to be physically fit, but in spite of all of us, knowing this fact, 30% of the population doesn’t get to do, and the rest ( who do it) do it with all their might and do very much of it. Exercise, as we all know is very important for hormones, since it helps the stress levels in our body to reduce and moreover to increase our insulin functions.
    But, many myths also prevail about exercise, especially for women over and above 40 years of age.
    One thing we constantly get to hear is not to eat more and move more. But for women of 40 years of age, this is not quite true, since we believe this message to be true to all, so we join a gym and sweat there.
    What are the right kinds and number for hormone balance? Since we all are different in our own way, so this depends mostly on our personal needs, our physique (the structure that we have) and more things, Lets read below, as what to do so that the “happy hormone” is triggered?
    Some activities to keep ourselves happy
    Some activities to keep ourselves happy
    Walking, by and large, is a cheap thing to do, you don’t need to register yourself in a gym, it has benefits, and many folds. The person is said to have a happy mood, one feels calmer, it is done in a park
    This is also called bust training or high-intensity interval training; it has been proven that it helps burn fat in a better way than aerobic exercises. It strengthens the lungs and heart, along with increasing human growth hormone.
    It takes very less time, just 15 minutes or so, now, we can surely take out 15 minutes from our routine.
    Don’t sit too much
    Many of us feel like a pleasure in just sitting around and completing our chores, we detest moving even an inch from our seats.

    • You could arrange a walking meeting instead of sitting in a cafe.
    • While talking on the phone, get up and start talking
    • Get up every hour from your desk to get up, refresh and be back.
    • Why not use the stairs or escalators, park your car a little far from where you usually do, move little while watching the idiot box. What are you waiting for? Get up and get going.

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