How Are Pregnancy And Work Out Interconnected To Each Other?

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How Are Pregnancy And Work Out Interconnected To Each Other?

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    This is for all the pregnant women, who love working out and those who don’t like to work out, both groups of women. I know many women who have conceived and are in the second or third trimester. This is a dedication to all of them.

    In case you already have been active, then most probably you will continue to do what you have been doing, with a few simplifications., but, a word of caution here, only with the permission of your doctor. In case you have not been active, then it’s time to get going. Your doctor will advise you the do’s and don’t s. You will become a much better person( health wise), you will start adoring your body, will gain more energy, your aches and pains will reduce to a minimum. Trust my words, your baby will also start loving you. It has been proven that children who have been exposed to exercise in womb are more likely to be healthy and also have a low risk of being diabetic. Exercise not just connects you with the baby, but also is a great medium to stay connected with one’s self.

    Warming up and cooling down

    No doubt that the journey won’t be very easy, but it won’t be difficult either. You are surely going to come out being a much stronger person than you were, at the end of the journey.

    Warming up and cooling down

    Warming up is the most important part of any workout, it becomes all the more necessary when you have conceived. Your muscles get prepared for exercise and there is also less danger of muscle strain. It also builds heart rate at a moderate pace. Most of the times heart rate during pregnancy stays higher than usual. , one should be careful to give some extra time to warm up and cool down while ending the workout.

    Drink water

    One should drink water before, during and also post work out. Hydrating oneself is very essential since you are carrying a baby with you. Dehydration can be quite harmful, it can raise the temperature to an unhealthy level, can also be dangerous for you and baby, both. Pregnant women should consume no less than 1 cup of water before, after and also every 20 minutes throughout working out.

    Do not lay flat

    Post first trimester, you will wish to avoid laying on back, laying in this posture puts pressure on a vein, which reduces blood flow to the heart and also uterus, which in turn causes you to feel dizzy or nauseous. This mostly happens to women, as the weight of belly adds all the more to other body parts, so it’s best to be avoided, especially for those who were inactive before pregnancy.

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