Are You A Woman? – This Is Why You Should Lift Weights

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Are You A Woman? – This Is Why You Should Lift Weights

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    Lifting weights had for decades been termed as a ‘man thing’, but currently, you will find millions of women signing up for gym programs because of the associated benefits. Although more and more women lift weights or involved in various gym exercises, you will find many concealed behind the curtains just because they lack enough info.
    As a leading fitness coach and one of the many women involved in weight lifting, here are some of the reasons intended to inspire you to join the gym; 

    • Weight Lifting is backed by Science

    According to studies, only six months of resistance training are enough to enhance one’s cognitive function. Imagine the culminating numbers of males and females suffering from memory loss triggered by any factor. Joining the gym for weight lifting will generally improve your mental capacity and make you smarter.

    • Increase Your EPOC (Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

    This occurs during homeostasis, a phase in which the human body keeps a constant internal temperature. In order for you to a lift weight, your body requires more energy and in the process, more calories are burned during the session. This will also eliminate stubborn fat in the various areas of the body.

    • Incredibly sculpted (lean) & Not Bulky

    This is one of the major reasons as to why millions of women hit the gym- to become lean. Gym programs vary according to one’s goals and in case you desire to become healthy and lean, you will have to take up a diet plan that consists of plenty of proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats.
    Meanwhile, there are also women who desire a bulky appearance, i.e. muscles or get better abs, their training approaches are obviously different.

    • Shape Butts

    At least every woman may dislike one or more parts of her body, and commonly women head to the gym to get toned or perfectly shaped butts. Perfectly shaped butts are easily attained through different squat exercises. 

    • Improve Bone Strength

    Weight lifting significantly contributes to the health of your bones and muscle tissue. These regular gym exercises are ideally suitable for women who suffer from osteoporosis, Low bone density, and these exercises can also lower one’s risk of developing bone issues in the future.

    • Boost Confidence

    Some women lack confidence or have a low self-esteem and in case you are among them, sign up for weight lifting to attain the incredible results that the exercises deliver apart from boosting your confidence.

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