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I am Shruti Dhall, an expert in the field of physical fitness and transformational works. I absolutely believe that “Taking control of your health inevitably empowers you to do the same throughout all aspects of life”

How Transformation Occurs?

The only place we can grow is outside our comfort zone. Body transformation is just like a caterpillar turning to a butterfly.For the caterpillar to become a butterfly it must go through the process of metamorphosis. This CHANGE is not a “magical transformation” that happens with the wave of a wand. Rather, it is a painful process, in which the caterpillar is completely rebuilt from the inside out. YOU, like the caterpillar must EMBRACE change, no matter how uncomfortable or painful in order to EMERGE as the beautiful, SOARING butterfly and live the life that you were MEANT to live!”

Living Extraordinarily

The ultimate benefits of a body transformation are observed through your daily life. Rocking that ideal body shape and living a happier life are definitely some of the products of an effective fitness program. You can choose to join our class and live an extraordinary life.

“It’s Time To Transform Your Body, Empower Your Mind,Connect To Your Soul & Fall Back In Love With You & Your Life”

Ambitious Like No Other!

My journey to becoming a personal trainer.As a teenager, I was always fascinated by the numerous fitness images of models in Health & Fitness Magazines. Strong, Lean & beautiful on contrary to ‘Weak & Skinny’ Fashion Models that time. I loved reading about their workout routines & lifestyle. I desired to be just like these women & wanted to provoke powerful, positive feelings for others just like these women were doing for me. I always felt a magnetic pull towards the fitness industry.Having grown up in Ludhiana (Pb), a small town in India, going to the gym was a taboo 2 decades back. Weightlifting was only for men & aerobics/ dance for women. I lacked the courage to follow my heart & like any obedient child, I did as my family guided. Straight out of high school, I embarked on a course to become a ‘Management Professional’. Instead of economics/ accounts, the subjects that I loved were to do with human psychology – Change Management, Behavioral Change, Personality Development etc. After 4yrs of study, I completed my Integrated MBA-IB with distinction & joined my family business in 2007. At that point, I had no idea that it will not be the path I will eventually take. But it has definitely shaped the person I am today & helped build a strong base for my brand.In 2008 my mother was diagnosed with osteopenia and her doctor recommended physiotherapy as part of her treatment for bone health and strength. That’s when I took my first gym membership to motivate her.As I shifted my focus to fitness, it ignited a passion, joy, and a fire within my soul. I never felt so alive and connected to every cell of my body. Feeling strong in my body puts me in control, leading to an empowered mind & soul that gave me the courage & powerful transformation to stand up for myself. The gym is the actual place where I found how much courage & strength I really had. Fitness allowed me to let go of the things that were holding me back. I wanted to show others that they too had the power to change. Out of my interest, I dedicated my time to learning as much as I could on food & fitness to train myself & help others along the way.I began writing blog posts which gained popularity and saw countless women approaching me for ideal body transformation programs. In 2015 (Women’s Day) I was chosen as ‘Health & Fitness Ambassador ‘. In 2016 I became ACE-CPT (American Council On Exercise-certified Personal Trainer) and took up a number of fitness programs to improve my skills.It has been more than 10 years down the road as an expert in the transformational field & digital influence and still desires to help as many people as I can to become strong, fit & confident in body, mind & soul.“Real Change Can Only Happen If You Never Give Up”. We all have a story that can hold us back, but it can become a motivator if you let it be! Remember that you have the ultimate power of choice. I chose not to let any situation make me sad or weak but to flip it , use it to make me strong & kinder.

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