Exchange Of Energy

Finding of your metabolic type(sugar burner/muscle burner) , BCA, discussion on your goals & how I can help.

Rs. 2500/-



Online Training

Customized Workout Plan, Nutritional Guidance, Meditation, Mantras for the Month, Book recommendation

Rs. 12,000/-


Per Session

Personal Training

I am there with you every step of the way to push you through your limits, help you rediscover your roots in the body.

Rs. 3,000/-



Sculpt the Lean, Toned Body of your dreams ~ Let's Do this together

Whether your goal is to-

  • Be ‘Slim & Trim’ or ‘Lean & Strong’

  • Lose Fat or Gain Muscle

  • Improve Posture

  • Gain Body Confidence

  • Look & Feel Fit

  • Improve Your Quality of Life

Shruti Dhall – a renowned and an indomitable female fitness expert and gym trainer in Punjab, India. She has also pioneered contemporary ultimate techniques for mindfulness and self-love, therefore, you don’t need to cry in silence over your oversized or poorly shaped body because everything is possible in Shruti Dhall’s world. Meet the remarkable body transformation consultant and coach who has led many ladies to their dream body shapes. She just knows how to do it right using nutritional tips, circuit training programs, physical exercises for a better mind and body shape.
Just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly through the process of metamorphosis And the CHANGE is not a “magical transformation” You must EMBRACE change, no matter how uncomfortable to EMERGE as the beautiful, SOARING butterfly and live the life that you were MEANT to live!
Just reach out to Shruti Dhall for better body workouts, an effective nutritional plan, and life-changing tips. Fabulous bodies weren’t specified for only celebrities, come and train for your body type.


A happy, healthy, fit, strong & confident body that is transformed both physically & mentally.
A body that is treated as home where the floor is made of strength, walls are crafted of ambition & roof a masterpiece of forgiveness. SD sculpted body is about building strength, fitness,confidence, knowledge, power ~a strong base for an empowered way of living & owning who you are.


Shruti Dhall is a contemporary expert in the field of mind and body transformation. She knows exactly how to help you feel confident in your own skin. Fascinated by numerous images of perfectly shaped models and celebrities in health and fitness magazines, Shruti decided to become a backbone to many obese and overweight ladies in India. Her journey began with herself and that is why she looks perfectly toned with a gorgeous appearance. Having enjoyed the incredible results, she came out to help others struggling with flabby bodies.


Physical exercises are credited for a perfect physical health, but did you know that staying physically fit has a positive impact on your emotional spiritual, and mental state? Let Shruti Dhall help you train for the right reasons. With her programs, you are able to burn more calories, get stronger, and perfectly sculpted.
Look Good, Feel Good & Live a Perfect Life

Bounce Back With a Perfect Shape!

Eat Healthy Foods- Stay in Shape

Maintaining a balanced diet is an ideal approach for body nourishment. However, those involved in our body fitness programs are advised to take up different nutrition plans to provide the body with enough nutrients. Including more proteins in your meals significantly helps to provide the required energy and improve your mental state and overall health.
Don’t eat for the sake of eating, eat to stay healthy and perfectly toned. Accompany your diet measures with enough sleep and positivity.

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