A Comparative View of Weight Training and Cardio to Know Which One is Better?

Choice of the right set of exercises generally confuse the people who want to lose weight and even people get stuck in the question that which exercise is better for them cardio or lift weightings. Thus, we have a look at both kinds of exercises so that a better one can be chosen

The difference in the number of calories burns with weight exercises and cardio

The actual meaning of the weight loss is the estimation of the number of calories you burn by doing specific activity or exercise so you can have the better view of cardio and weight training by knowing the number of burning calories with both.

Let us take some examples to have the closer estimation of burnt calories with cardio and weight training. If you are approximate of 70 kg then you can burn your 250 calories with the half an hour jogging at the moderate pace but if you will increase your speed up to 6 miles per hour then you can burn your 365 calories in half an hour. If we consider the weight training then in half an hour you can burn your 130-220 calories.

So it very clear that with the same efforts in one session of cardio we can lose more calories as compared to the weight training.

The difference of effectiveness for building muscles with cardio and weight training

As we have studied that in the fight of burning calories cardio has defeated weight training but in the pace of effective weight training is ahead as weight training is more effective than cardio in case of building muscles.

It means with weight training we can build muscles and the muscles have a tendency to burn calories at rest as compared to other tissues. So weight training can increase your resting metabolism means your capability to burn calories at rest.

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